My Journey

Today there are over 1.9 billion adults overweight, and I use to be one of them. Let me introduce myself, my name is Page, and I am the owner of Bodies By Design. About oh 20+ years ago I took a job with Physicians Weight Loss Clinics as a Phlebotomist, while I was finishing up school and this particular location was short staffed therefore I was also trained to counsel patients on weight loss, who knew I would fall in love....I fell in love with absolutely everything about this job, if that's what you wanted to call it, to me it was the most amazing thing I had ever done. See I had always worked in some type of healthcare but never got to see people get excited, happy or jump up and down. This was great, someone could lose 15 lbs. and come off their blood pressure medicine or even better lose 40 and come off their insulin. Well it was the greatest thing I had ever seen and I couldn't learn enough.

Over the next 10 years I would work my way up to the point where I was managing 4 clinics and traveling non-stop. I had also in this time gone back to school for nursing assistant, medical assistant and took a pharmacy tech course on top of the many in-house training courses for the diet centers I was working for.

While I loved my career, I also had a family and with all the traveling it was starting to take a toll on us, so I decided to take a break. I took 4 years away from the industry that I loved so much, in which time, I went through a divorce, and due to stress, gained a substantial amount of weight. I looked in the mirror and thought, this is not you, so I went to one of the clinics that I had worked at years before. I signed in, and seated myself in the lobby. A very petite girl called my name and I stood and followed her to a office that I knew well. She didn’t weigh me, didn’t get my vitals, she said “you are Page that use to manage the other clinics right?” I responded with “yes”, and so she hand me a bottle of phentermine and tells me that I can pay up front. I ask her if she is going to weigh me or give me a diet and she says “well, it’s not changed and from what I understand, you wrote it, so you should know it, you can pay up front.” I told her just to keep the phentermine, because what I really needed was support.

That was 10 years and 111 lbs. ago. 

At Bodies By Design you will never feel like a appointment, you will never feel like we don’t have time for you or that you are a bother and we will never assume we know what you want or need without first taking the time to talk with you and getting to know you. Your journey may be long, but we have walked the path before and we will be by your side each step of the way.


Page Stout