Medical Weight Loss Services & Semaglutide & Terzepatide Injections.

Weight Loss

All weight loss programs include  Diet, One on One Counseling, Weekly Weigh-Ins, Exam, Medical Supervision, and One Month Maintenance Plan. 


Semaglutide & Tirzepatide 

All Semaglutide & Terzepatide Programs Available Via Telehealth

 All Semaglutide / Tirzepatide comes from a licensed compounding pharmacy with certificate of analysis. 

The following prices include: telehealth / in person consultation, diet, one on one counseling, medical supervision by licensed M.D./NP, syringes, alcohol preps and maintenance program. 

Semaglutide / Levocarentine 2.65mg / 100mg / ml

   2ml   - $299   plus $30 shipping

 4.5ml - $599   plus $30 shipping

   6ml  - $799   plus $30 shipping

  9ml  - $999    plus $30 shipping

Tirzepatide / Levocarentine 17mg / 100mg / ml

2ml - $569      plus $30 shipping

4ml - $969      plus $30 shipping

Medical Weight Loss W/ Phentermine 

Available In Clinic Only.

Phentermine 30ct Tablets - $32.50   

Buy Phentermine 30ct Caps- $35.50

Buy Phentermine 60ct Tablets - $49  

Buy Phentermine 60ct Capsule - $56

Medical Weight Loss W/ Phentermine-Topiramate 

Available In Clinic Only

Phentermine 30ct Capsule/ Topiramate 30ct - $85.                                      
Phentermine 30ct Tablets/ Topiramate 30ct - $75                                     
Phentermine 60ct Tablets/ Topiramate 30ct - $110                                     
Phentermine 60ct Capsules/Topiramate 30ct - $120


All Supplements Available Both Online & In Clinic.

Phenhance - $45

 Helps support the benefits of Phentermine, while minimizing the most common side effects including irritability and mood swings. Boost energy, metabolism and control appetite.


 Luma Slim - $45 

Two naturally occurring weight loss supplements, Caralluma and Garcinia Cambogia make up this unique blend which acts as an appetite suppressant and provides hydroxycitric acid, which has been indicated to help the body burn unwanted fat.


 Carb-Tek - $45

Promotes the breakdown of starch in the intestinal tract and can reduce the digestion of starch in foods so that less sugar is absorbed. This “starch blocker” action can reduce the caloric content in some foods.

Cell-Press Black - $35 

Acts as a natural filler, giving a sensation of fullness when taken prior to eating. Acts as a stool softener, unlike harsh stimulant laxatives that should only be taken occasionally, Cell Press is safe to be taken long term.

Cell-Press Plus Red - $40  

Along with the Cell Press Black benefits, Our Plus Red contains inulin. The body’s gastrointestinal flora converts into short-chain fatty acids, which may provide several health benefits, including improved digestion health, constipation relief and weight loss.

Cell-Press Pure - $45  

Get all the benefits of Cell Press Black and Cell Press Plus Red together with an added bonus of chromium Picolinate, which is believed to help the body process carbohydrates and fats, help stabilize blood sugars and decrease carbohydrate cravings.



All Lipotropics Available For Both Telehealth & In Clinic

Lipo Mega Burn- 10ML vial for 95$


Lipo-Stat - $22.50ea. 5 for $90, 30 for 299$


Vitamin Cocktail 10B - $25.00ea. 5 for $100, 30 for 399$






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